Download: Elizavocat – Iyenimoyan ft. Soji Adeleke +Lyrics

Abimbola Ojo popularly called Elizavocat releases her eagerly awaited single titled “IYENIMOYAN” ft Soji Adeleke.

“Iyenimoyan,” is an empowering and soul-stirring song that ignites the spirit of resilience and celebrates the triumph of the human spirit. this inspiring song resonates with profound emotion and serves as a beacon of hope for listeners around the world.

(I Choose to Live) encapsulates the journey from darkness to light, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, we have the power to rise above and embrace life’s vibrant possibilities because we have a stronger presence living in us— Christ. The song is a heartfelt reminder that, ultimately, we hold the pen to our own stories, and if we continue to trust God, He will help us to embrace life’s beauty and thrive.

“I Choose to Live” is set to inspire countless individuals seeking strength, solace, and a renewed sense of purpose. It serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a reminder that even amidst life’s trials, we have the power to rise, heal, and celebrate the joy of being alive in Christ.

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Iye eeee ni mo yan
Motiyan iye ee motiyan iye
Iku dewo lori moyan iye
Motiyan iye e e e e moti ni iye
Aisan dewo lara mi mo yan iye
Moti yan iye e e motiyan iye
Aini dewo laye mi moyan iye

Iku ole raye lodo mi iyenimoyan/2x
Aisan ole raye lara mi iyenimoyan/2x
Aini ole raye nile mi iye ni moyan
Ofa ole raye lara mi iyeni moyan

Iyenimoyan o
Olorun majemu o
Iye iye iye iye iye e e e
iye ni moyan mi oyanku mi oyan ku mi oyan ku rara
Olorun majemu iye nimoyan
Ofa ogbodo raye lara mi
Aisan ogbodo raye lara mi iyenimoyan
Mo n ru apa jesu kiri olorun majemu o
Won o gbodo ri mi mu
Won o gbodo ri mi pa
Won ogbodo ri temi gbese
Iku ogbodo raye lodo mi
Aisan ogbodo raye laye mi

Iku ole raye lodo mi iyenimoyan/2x
Aisan ole raye lara mi iyenimoyan/2x
Aini ole raye lodo mi iye ni moyan
Ofa ole raye lara mi iyeni moyan

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